Adapt and Thrive – Eating our own Dog Food 

Six years ago we started Kiwi Landing Pad (KLP) with a simple vision – soften the landing for Kiwi entrepreneurs into Silicon Valley through providing physical space (primarily) and assistance with networks and connections in market. Much has changed since then  and like all good “learning” organisations we are constantly adapting our approach and offerings to respond and ensure we remain useful and relevant.

Physically landing in San Francisco is a much less daunting activity than it was back in 2011. The central city has become the home to most of the “cloud” ventures making waves and while the “Valley” (referring to the area to the South of San Francisco city ending at San Jose) remains an important aspect there is far less need for most to traverse the 101 Freeway southbound as frequently these days.

In parallel the notions of work spaces has also evolved and made way for many more cost effective and easily accessible co-working spaces to use as a semi permanent or permanent base in the city.

So physical setup is much less of an issue than when we started but conversely  the understanding of the importance and potential power of Community in any entrepreneur’s journey has rapidly accelerated over the same period of time. It’s not that communities are a new concept but simply that our ability to use them in more effective ways and scale the benefits of community engagement quickly has evolved significantly.

People helping other people has always been a core of stories of great success in our world – often for immediate reciprocal benefit but also “pay it forward” style in anticipation of receiving similar value at some point further down the road.

With this in mind and as part of our desire to adapt and respond usefully to the wants and deeds of our community it’s fantastic to be announcing the return of the Kiwi Landing Pad “Jam” series in April with the cornerstone support of a new and increasingly active community partner – Air New Zealand alongside our growing list of supporters and community nodes in San Francisco and across New Zealand.

We’re bringing five high energy , passionate executives from Silicon Valley to New Zealand to travel the country and inform, inspire and incite our community locally to set their sites high and focus on the most important aspects to creating a globally successful business.

kiwi landing pad sales and marketing jam speakers

Similarly to last year we will focus on engaging each audience directly by throwing away the traditional speaker slide deck and instead kicking off our sessions with some core headings (developed from attendee feedback pre event) from which we will curate the audience and speakers through a “jam session” that aims to provide answers, perspective and further validation around the key critical aspects of Sales , Marketing / Demand Generation and Product Management.

Sales and Marketing Jam Locations

For most locations this year we will also be paying the Jam with an evening event featuring some of our speakers and lead by Air New Zealand’s desire to deliver inspiration to the nation and encourage more focus around the requirements of thinking, strategy and execution that lay the foundations for an awesome, global venture.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.54.44 pm

If you’re an entrepreneur in the making or further down the journey and already doing awesome things but looking for inspiration, knowledge and perspective on key areas of building a successful global business I’d strongly recommend taking some time to attend the KLP Jam nearest you !

See you there!

John Holt – Co-Founder & Chairman @ Kiwi Landing Pad

Kiwi Landing Pad (KLP) was established in 2011 to help selected high-growth New Zealand technology companies establish and grow their business in the USA by offering a soft landing point into the US market, where they can hit the ground running and be plugged into the community from day one. 

Sales and Marketing Jam was a program established in 2015 to An event series and online resource dedicated to supporting the New Zealand ecosystems development in sales, marketing and product management.


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