Announcement | Ask Me Anything – Opening Up & Delivering Silicon Valley Level Osmosis

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The Kiwi Landing Pad has been running for 7 years, originally founded by John Holt & Sam Morgan. Over the years we have evolved as the world changes and technology changes with it.

Traditionally we have taken a stance that we’ll try not give advice but instead provide observations and learnings from what we see, experience and learn from meeting and working with thousands of people, companies, brands and communities.

When I started at the Landing Pad in 2014, joining the team and preparing to go on an epic journey with John and the original KLP supporters, it was apparent that we are a community of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs prepared to help NZ technology companies expand globally. We pride ourselves on being community led and actively to this day are still operating this way, some might say somewhat successfully as our community has grown to 3,000+.

Our ability to be agile and launch new programmes depending on what our community seems to want and need at any given time is exciting to watch and be apart of. It makes us happy to provide true value and see impact as it happens.

John and I have been chatting lately and we’ve decided to launch a new series, there is something awesome that happens when you spend time in global markets, and doing the same thing for ‘years’ you get a knowledge base and learn things that just become second nature because you live and breathe it, but second nature to us I’ve learnt somewhat naively is liquid gold to our community.

Announcing the ‘Ask Me Anything’ Webinar Series

We are going to try an experiment and see what works as we have done with all our programmes. The first Friday of every month we are going to set aside an hour as a team to essentially be live on a webinar answering questions you may have. This might be tackling the US market, growing a global business, what’s going on in the US, down to measuring, metrics, dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a founder, building communities or whatever you need to know in the moment that we might be able to answer. Hopefully we won’t get too many trolls, but we’ve realised this might be the easiest format to get some of our knowledge that is stuck in our brains out in the open.

Join us for the first one on March 17th, you can register here.

Let’s see how this goes!

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