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About the Program

Together the BNZ and Kiwi Landing Pad have developed the BNZ Shouldertap program – it provides an opportunity for aspiring Kiwi entrepreneurs and technology start ups to spend time in market immersed in a curated community of experienced entrepreneurs and business people.

Successful participants receive mentoring from the Kiwi Landing Pad & BNZ network, required to spend time in the US market (usually between 2-4 weeks – time to be determined, case by case basis), you’ll have access to the Kiwi Landing Pad facilities and meeting rooms.

The opportunity combines cash with in market time, to meet with your customers, establish partnerships, understand how the US functions as many different markets. We’ll provide access to advisors from our network depending on what you need. The idea is to spend time on the ground. Kiwi Landing Pad has a robust program centred around learning, launching and landing which companies will be inducted into depending on their stage and requirements.

Read more about a previous cohort of this program here.

Comments from the BNZ

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“BNZ provides practical support to its entrepreneurial customers as their key banking partner. We extend our support to sector conferences and events like this, that can help give customers the edge and introduce them to export opportunities.  Our sights are set on the technology sector and the export potential for the New Zealand economy. This is just one of many ways we support our customers in a range of industries” says BNZ’s Head of Small Business, Harry Ferreira.

Comments from the Kiwi Landing Pad

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KLP Chairman and co-founder John Holt described the programme as “unprecedented” in its approach:

“The risk of supporting entrepreneurs indirectly is you can end up with a lot of the value diluted through the recipients not being completely ready to take best advantage of that support. By proactively scanning the ecosystem and doing some pre work you can be a lot more targeted and valuable to participants” 

The programme will see each company drive their own schedule of activity while also having a number of events and conference opportunities provided with access to the KLP advisory team, community networks and office space during their time in market.

*Required to be a BNZ customer, or willing to move.


If you are interesting in being apart of the BNZ Shouldertap program, please email the Kiwi Landing Pad team. We are looking for innovative companies that have a technology product, who have some early signs of traction, have current customers, and who are actively looking to establish in offshore markets. Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer this program to services businesses.

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