Bolting out of the gates – Kicking off Quarter #1

January has started with a bang, straight into the year with planning and executing for Quarter 1 and 2! This year is looking to be another exciting year at the Kiwi Landing Pad; we will continue our mission to take New Zealand technology to the world by accelerating and helping our Kiwi companies grow.



This year we have three main objectives which fall under this umbrella:

  • Continue growing and connecting the community locally, in New Zealand and globally.
  • Sharing of Knowledge and know how
  • Providing a hub and home in market

We are building on the momentum of 2015 which means we know exactly what we are up to this year, events you can earmark and expect from us (hopefully some of you can plan your trips to San Francisco around these):

Flat White Meetup


  • Flat White Meetup – for founders and CEO’s in the market to share learnings, problems and connect with each other.
  • Monthly Webinar Series – hearing from experienced Kiwi founders who have been there and done that. And other experts in their field to share knowledge in an easy format to learn, digest and not take too much time away from your busy days, (topics will range from capital raising to startup/guerilla marketing, growing a SaaS business, expanding globally, product management, etc.).
  • Bi-monthly Happy Hours in San Francisco with our wider SF community including visiting and Valley based entrepreneurs.

kiwi landing pad sales and marketing jam


Big Events:

  • April 2016 – Sales & Marketing Jam in New Zealand.
  • July 2016  - In market Jam/Speaker Session in San Francisco
  • October 2016 – Sales & Marketing Jam in New Zealand.

Quarter 1 and 2 are looking full on already, we are excited to announce that we are in the middle of launching another program with one of our main sponsors and partners – BNZ.







We are announcing the details early next week but are very excited to say that we have accepted 4 New Zealand startups to join us in San Francisco in February to learn and grow faster. It’s a program that is centered around mentorship, spending time in the market, meeting with customers and excellent connections, exhibiting at one of the largest startup conferences of the year and then taking all of the learnings back home to share with the NZ ecosystem.

Each year we make a list of A-list conferences that we think are world class to attend and go ourselves to learn and hear from thought leaders who are at the top of their industries.

This Quarter we are focusing on:


Other conferences that may be of interest to you or that we know of other New Zealand companies coming up for.

We are super excited to be back in action for the year and kicking it off in such a cool way. Conference season begins in the US very early with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking center stage and setting the tone and theme for the year. It was great to see so many Kiwi companies attending this year.

Some of the major technology trend categories that we saw coming out of CES this year were:

  • Smart devices
  • Cars and Drones
  • PC Tech
  • Audio
  • TV’s
  • Cameras & VR

You can read more about the specifics here.

As usual we are expecting a big year full of activity, we are expecting a cohort of 15+ companies coming up for the SaaStr Annual conference next week, it’s great to see so many Kiwi companies coming over to expand, learn and continue growing global. This is one of the biggest Kiwi contingents we have had come over for an individual conference; we look forward to seeing this trend continue.

Keep your eyes peeled for information about our new program which we are launching next week with the Bank of New Zealand and also the details for our next Sales and Marketing Jam back in New Zealand the first two weeks of April 2016.

Have a great Quarter!

Sian and the Kiwi Landing Pad team.

Post written by Kiwi Landing Pad Global Community Manager – Sian Simpson


Kiwi Landing Pad (KLP) was established in 2011 to help selected high-growth New Zealand technology companies establish and grow their business in the USA by offering a soft landing point into the US market, where they can hit the ground running and be plugged into the community from day one. 

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