Celebrating 6 years, with 6 events – Something For Everyone

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“Building a business is hard, building a global business is even harder” - Sam Morgan


The idea for Kiwi Landing Pad began in the Kiwi entrepreneurial community in 2008 with a small group of entrepreneurs reflecting on their own journey and how to make it easier for the next wave of entrepreneurs to successfully follow – but faster and smarter.

The New Zealand government planned to invest more to support the technology and innovation ecosystem to make it easier for our companies to land and expand into the US market. During an “NZ Inc” meeting in 2010, John Holt & Sam Morgan put up their hands to collaborate and make the vision of a physical hub in Silicon Valley a reality three years ahead of plan – KLP was born.

In July 2011 we opened our doors in San Francisco for the first time, and with our first residents Xero, Vworkapp and Magritek.

On September 16th 2011, we held our very first Kiwi Landing Pad event. This year it’s now been 6 years, and we’ve had over 250 events with no signs of slowing down, right now we have one a week, at least.

This month we are celebrating the success of 6 years, with 6 events – as our community is global, 4,000 members in 36 countries around the world, we decided to have something for everyone whether thats a jam, webinar or our very first party in New Zealand. We encourage you to come along and meet our community (your peers) and learn more about where we are going in the future.

The Events:


Sales & Marketing Jams


Thanks for your support over the last 6 years, onwards to make technology the number #1 export in New Zealand and continue building great businesses, great products and helping Kiwis think big.

Sian & John
@ Kiwi Landing Pad

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