CloudCannon builds momentum in SF



Mike Neumegen is the CEO of Cloud Cannon – A platform that empowers web designers to quickly deploy, host and maintain websites for clients while retaining complete creative control over their designs. It’s easy to use, fits in the designer’s normal workflow and allows them to focus on what they do best, designing beautiful websites.

Two months ago I was living in my parents house in Dunedin with no money, no network and limited business knowledge. What I did have is a product my cofounder George Phillips, and I were passionate about and a determination to make something happen.

So we joined New Zealand’s best business accelerator, Wellington based Lightning Lab.  Lightning Lab has given us the foundation to take our idea, hone and refine it, and create a business. It’s intense to say the least – there was one day where I had 9 separate mentor meetings! After that month I’d tripled the size of my network and met some truly awesome, influential people. Two of those being Cat Robinson and John Holt from Kiwi Landing Pad. They loved what we were doing and secured Cloud Cannon a place in the KLP8 program based at KLP in San Francisco.

Through my networks at KLP, Lightning Lab and straight hustling, I’ve had meetings with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, HubSpot, Optimizely, VC’s and other influential people in the valley.  Without the support of these networks I would have struggled to fill my calendar.

In terms of achievement during my time at KLP, I have:

  • Built an advisory board that includes some outstanding marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Secured marketing opportunities with leading data hosting companies
  • In talks with several SaaS vendors about using CloudCannon internally
  • Met fantastic people and now have a network in San Francisco I can grow in the future
  • Gathered a much deeper understanding of our customers and CloudCannon’s product market fit

You might think with Skype you can set up these meetings from New Zealand, but I’d disagree. It’s hard to get a meeting with someone over here without an introduction; it’s even harder to get a Skype meeting. Meeting in person is more natural, more effective as it shows you’re serious and increases the chances for action. It’s important to experience San Francisco to understand the context and environment of the people you’re meeting with.

Most importantly, I’ve learned and absorbed a wealth of knowledge and have a new level of confidence knowing that CloudCannon turns heads even in the most tech saturated place on the planet.

For more details about Cloud Cannon go to We’re currently looking for developers and a community manager to join our team and are raising our seed investment round. Get in touch if this interests you –