From the Angel Fest – Phil McCaw talks Movac, Trademe and KLP

phil and mark
phil and mark

Phil McCaw and Mark Vivian from Movac engrossed during pitching event

Phil McCaw is Managing Partner of Wellington based investment firm Movac. Movac invests in New Zealand based companies with potential for rapid and large scale growth. Investment is a key piece of the start up ecosystem and this week San Francisco hosted the Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit. The angels in town meant an influx of entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and 1above water bottles at Kiwi Landing Pad. Conversations around KLP revolved around deal flow, customer acquisition strategies, demand generation, value propositions, pitching and exit strategies.

Movac’s most notable investment to date has been TradeMe and as the New Zealand high tech community has grown and evolved, so too Movac have evolved to meet and understand the demands and challenges for start up companies. This includes both raising funding and accessing the resources and people that can help companies succeed. One such resource that Movac sponsors is the Kiwi Landing Pad along with a group of other New Zealand and US  investors and New Zealand’s Ministry of Business and Innovation.

Phil is a very experienced investor and advisor to a number of companies. Phil sat down with Kiwi Landing Pad and broke down how he got started as an investor, he talks through some of the investment Movac have made and why they sponsor the Kiwi Landing Pad. Phil talks about how Kiwi Landing Pad is beginning to have a tangible impact on New Zealand’s investment and technology scene through providing an environment where companies can find their feet and step out into a trusted, curated local community of advisors and experts.