KLP Resident Profile : Biomatters


Walk into the research labs in any of the top 25 universities across the globe and you’ll find their Molecular Biologists working with software designed by Kiwis.

Biomatters CTO Matthew Landry describes their primary product line Geneious as sort of Microsoft Office for Molecular Biologists. A broad set of computational tools that a Scientist can use for data management, visualisation, presentation, and image generation.

Their software’s heavy R&D application, means that Biomatters has a huge presence in academia. The San Francisco Bay area is a prime example of that, with Biologists at top Universities UC Berkeley, Stanford, and UC Santa Cruz, all using the software designed in Auckland, New Zealand.

While Biomatters’ ten year strong Geneious product line is what they’re is best known for, Matthew was excited to update us on their latest product offering. A kind of App Store for Bioinformatics has just been launched, and Biomatters is one of the earliest software companies to develop  a new cloud based product line available through the store – the Molecular Profiler (currently in Beta).

With new products and exciting indications of the app store model leading the way forward in their industry, Biomatters is growing. One of the reasons that Matthew has been over in San Francisco is that the company is investigating the possibility of a second development team stateside. San Francisco is not only home to a large number of customers at top Bay Area universities and companies, it’s also the spot to find the very best developer talent in the world.

Biomatters already has a regional virtual sales office operating out of San Francisco, and when in town, CTO Matthew and CEO Brett enjoy being able to get the most out of their time by having a base at the Kiwi Landing Pad. With growth in mind, and the convenience of a direct flight from Auckland, San Francisco is shaping up to be an ideal U.S. location for Biomatters to develop even more indispensable tools for labs and research centres all over the globe.