KLP Resident Profile : NZTE


Learn more about NZTE at the Kiwi Landing Pad on their resident page.

NZTE Business Development Manager for the San Francisco Bay Area, John Bryan, helps Kiwi companies moving to the USA’s start-up mecca. From his desk space at the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco, John is able to meet New Zealand grown companies and identify ways in which he can help them to succeed in the US.

After working with many New Zealand companies through his role at NZTE, we were curious as to the observations John has made, and in particular, areas in which he thinks Kiwi tech companies could improve on to further boost their transition to the United States.

One of the key things that John would like to see companies doing while still in New Zealand, is to start thinking beyond our coastal borders, right from the get go. He stresses the importance of building that overseas market growth potential in, even from the very early stages:

“Often times you’ve made decisions about the product and your feature set based on the needs of the local market and that may not translate into the US.” says John.

John is excited by the innovative ideas he has come across in New Zealand, but would like to see companies pay more attention to making sure that their business strategy is just as solid.

“Where I often see the breakdown is on the business side of that. When we get to – What are the business fundamentals? What’s your market strategy? Have you done the competitive analysis?” he added.

In order to ensure New Zealand based tech companies understand what is required to succeed in the US market, John is eager to forge relationships with the companies as early as possible.

He also reiterates the important role that the Kiwi Landing Pad plays in giving Kiwi companies early first hand experience in the US through the Catapult program. Then later when ready to enter the US market, by taking away the usual barriers and allowing the companies to return as residents of the Landing Pad.

Overall John is enthusiastic about the role that New Zealand tech companies stand to play on a global level:

“I think we can have a steady stream of interesting, cool companies coming out of New Zealand that are doing things that aren’t being done anywhere else in the world.”