Modlar Moves Out

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By Gabrielle Hughes. 

Nearly seven months ago, I was hired as Modlar’s Content Marketing Manager. Since joining the team, I’ve watched the company expand, gaining significant prominence in North America. Next week, Modlar’s growth will flourish even more, as we settle into our brand new office.

Modlar first brought sales and marketing to the United States in 2013, setting up shop in San Francisco’s Kiwi Landing Pad. Surrounded by other startups in its SoMa location, KLP acts as a ‘landing pad for New Zealand tech companies, promoting their growth within the U.S.

Even though I’m not a Kiwi, I was still brand new to San Francisco, and KLP immediately became my home away from home. From day one, I made life-long friends, and easily transitioned into SF’s startup scene – an environment I never expected to work in. KLP’s open floor plan and various social gatherings promote interaction among its residents, and I’m grateful to have learned so much from both those working there, and at other startups in the area.

Our new office is only blocks away from KLP, and upon our first day in the new space, we’ll have two new employees join us. As we dive further into our transition from BIM library to an all-encompassing online network for the design community, this move for Modlar not only represents how far we’ve come in the last year, but will also be the foundation of where we’re headed.