New Zealand Companies You Should Know – September 2018

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Every month at the Kiwi Landing Pad, we do a monthly update that covers who is in, what’s going on, and companies we have meet, come across or talked with lately, they are in varying industries and stages and in no particular order, sometimes old, sometimes new.

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NZ Companies you should know – check them out:

Datch – Datch is a smart voice assistant for the factory, enabling manufacturers to make informed decisions no matter where they are; meaning understanding the factory is as simple as having a conversation.

Wanderer VR – An interactive virtual reality series, Wanderer re-invents the greatest stories and adventures from some of the most iconic moments and civilizations in time.

Aimy Plus – Aimy Plus is software designed to help After School Care, Child Care, Clubs, Classes and Organisations administer their programmes and track of everything, from kids & parents to invoices and roll call.

Contento – Guest posting platform for smart marketers. Offer your articles to reputable publishers. Gain brand awareness, add inbound links, increase your SEO, and drive real traffic to your website with high-quality content placement.

FaceMe – A platform that enables your chatbot to become an engaging, visual customer experience that creates emotional connection.

McCarthy Finch – Combining pioneering research in the fields of natural language processing & machine learning with leading legal expertise to create the future of law.

LearnCoach – An online oasis of free tutorials to help students succeed in their NCEA & University exams.

Dawn AeroSpace – A new class of vehicles providing responsive, low cost hypersonic, suborbital and orbital access.

Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs app is designed to help you discover things to do based on your individual interests. Connect with locals & travelers to share your gems!

Unleashed Software – Powerful Inventory Management. Unleashed manages your inventory and easily integrates with accounting and eCommerce platforms like Xero and Magento.


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