NZ Companies You Should Know – February 2018

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Every month at the Kiwi Landing Pad, we do a monthly update that covers who is in, what’s going on, and companies we have meet, come across or talked with lately, they are in varying industries and stages and in no particular order, sometimes old, sometimes new.

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NZ Companies you should know – check them out:

Dropit – DROPIT is an adrenaline pumping game of chicken where players compete in 60 second drop auctions where the price goes down instead of up. The longer you wait, the lower the price and the first person brave enough to swipe up buys.

Ant – Integrate and orchestrate your retail stack

Seekstock – Real-time insights from the shop floor.

Stocktrim – Smarten up your inventory levels

Cradle – Cradle combines the power of smart call routing and user-centered design to help your customers talk to the right person at the right time.

Runn – Stability for dynamic, high performance agencies

PressPatron – PressPatron makes it easy to support the future of journalism. In a few simple steps, supporters can make monthly and one-off contributions to their favourite online publishers. By embracing the support of their readers, publishers can expand their capacity to report on the stories that matter most.

Spotlight Reporting – An integrated cloud reporting and forecasting tool that allows you to create insights for better business decisions. Designed by Accountants, for Accountants.

GenoaPay – The smartest way to pay for life’s needs over time. Genoapay splits the total purchase price over 10 weeks. Buy the products and services now, pay later.

Parking Sense – Parking Sense is a parking technology organization focused on delivering a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions to the parking, transportation and mobility industries. Parking Sense delivers a unique combination of hardware and software products to provide an integrated Parking as a Service (PaaS) platform to support the evolution of the driving experience.

Biolumic - Using the near-magical properties of UV light to increase crop production.


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