USA Lattes and Kea Inspire Days

Post by Catherine Robinson, San Francisco Director Kiwi Landing Pad. Next week I am travelling to New Zealand for the 2013 Kea Inspire Day series. This year is going to be bigger and...

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Olly and John

My 3 month crash course in San Francisco

  Guest Post from Olly Johnston CEO + Founder Dropscotch. Olly will be sharing his story at Kea Inspire Days in Auckland on May 22. I am an entrepreneur, I am 18 years old and I...

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phil and mark

From the Angel Fest – Phil McCaw talks Movac, Trademe and KLP

Phil McCaw is Managing Partner of Wellington based investment firm Movac. Movac invests in New Zealand based companies with potential for rapid and large scale growth. Investment is a key piece of the start up...

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The Birthplace of Silicon Valley

Guest Post from Kiwi Landing Pad founder and entrepreneur John Holt. I’ve worked for several large multinational companies during my career but none of those experiences were as impactful as my time at Hewlett...

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Discovering the vibrant tech scene for myself

For a bit of background, I’m Janet, a kiwi who has been living in Melbourne the last four years, working as a Mobile Producer developing iOS and Android apps. As a bit of...

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KLP Resident Profile : Biomatters

Walk into the research labs in any of the top 25 universities across the globe and you’ll find their Molecular Biologists working with software designed by Kiwis. Biomatters CTO Matthew Landry describes their...

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