Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: Fingermark
What they do: Fingermark design and build world leading digital platforms which assist in the communication with people, to engage, help and inform them in a diversity of environments.



Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Wipster
What they do: Upload, review, approve and share your video content
Company HQ: Wellington


About Rollo

Rollo Wenlock: CEO & Co-Founder
Base: San Francisco & Wellington

About Wipster

Joyful video review – Wipster provides a beautiful and intuitive platform for reviewing, approving, and collaborating on video production. 

Used by thousands of video makers, Wipster streamlines the review workflow by securely sharing the editing process from rough cut to final cuts with your team or clients. We believe people will make better video faster if the client review process is transparent and takes place where it makes the most sense – right on top of the video.

Jade Software

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Jade Software
What they do: Jade Software brings together creative people, integrated design methods and performance engineered technology to solve hard business problems.
Company HQ: New Zealand

About Jade Software

Jade Software brings together creative people, integrated design methods and performance engineered technology to solve hard business problems.

The company has market leading operational intelligence, mobile integration, investigations, risk management and logistics solutions.

Jade Software markets and sells its products through more than 40 partners in 80 countries and has offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.


Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Datacom
What they do: Delivering innovative, industry-leading IT solutions & services for 50 years.
Company HQ: Wellington, NZ

About Datacom

Founded in New Zealand 50 years ago, Datacom has since grown into one of the largest Australasian IT services companies with more than 4,000 staff across NZ, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  

At Datacom we know that IT applied correctly and intelligently makes a demonstrable difference to our clients’ businesses and we strive to push technology boundaries to ensure that our clients are the first to benefit. 

Privately owned, Datacom delivers an enduring performance for every customer through fresh thinking. 

Our flexible style and technology independence promotes true business partnerships and allows us to maintain our distinctive, pragmatic, delivery-driven and customer-focused approach. 

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Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Tomizone
What they do: Creating on-site digital experiences at some of the worlds best locations. It all starts with WiFi.
Company HQ: Auckland, NZ


About Andrew

Andrew Somervell: Chief Product & Marketing
Hometown: Auckland

About Tomizone

omizone provide the best consumer WiFi experience in the world with our cloud hosted platform. It means fast, easy, safe Wi-Fi Internet Access. 

We provide WiFi where people use it most. Accommodation, Transport & Hubs, Hospitality, Metro & Campus, Retail and Special Projects such as events or whitelabel services for ISP’s and service providers. 

Beautiful real-time dashboards and rock-solid hardware to manage access, authentication, accounting, and security at your WiFi Zone. 

Beautiful Real-time dashboards and WiFi Management in the cloud. 

A gateway for any scale installation on any WiFi network type 

Unparallelled Mobility on transport units such as buses, trains, ferries and taxis. 

We play nicely with everyone. 

Design and Deploy, the best minds in the business to make your WiFi network real. 

24/7 from DIY to Enterprise – you choose. 

Turn On My Internet Zone – Tomizone 

Tomizone makes it easy and affordable to access the Internet when you’re out and about around the world. 

Our Global Service Platform enables venues and partners to offer ubiquitous wireless to consumers at a low cost. We have made it easy for users to experience great Internet access.

Magic Memories

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Magic Memories
What they do: “We make people smile” – Since we opened our doors, it has been the company mission to turn the worldwide attraction photography business on its head. 
Company HQ: Queenstown


About John

John Wikstrom: CEO & Founder
Base: New Zealand

About Magic Memories

“We make people smile” – Since we opened our doors, it has been the company mission to turn the worldwide attraction photography business on its head. 

We’re a radically different proposition from every other form of attraction photography partner as we don’t just sell photos, we tell and sell stories. Because of how we seamlessly integrate and work with your team, we become your business partner not a 3rd party supplier. 

We design, we create, we invest, we support, we innovate and we make our partners lots of money! 
The richness of our finished story products need to be seen to be believed. It is simply our business to make your business better! 

We work throughout the world, with many iconic attraction partners and are well established within local infrastructure. We deliver a world class solution to the Thrill and Midway attractions industry, with technology ranging from RFID, to Auto Triggering to our hosts capturing the guests’ experience in all partner attractions. 

We take over 20 million photographs every year, and our aim is simply, to continue to astound guests worldwide.


Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: SellShed
What they do: A New Way to Trade Locally
Company HQ: Tauranga

About Brendan

Brendan Howell: COO
Hometown: Tauranga

About SellShed

Sellshed NZ – A New Way to Trade locally – Buy, Sell, Want New and second hand goods – Fast & Free!

Social trading on iOS, Android and web. A connected social community platform where you can buy, sell, swap and want items in your local area.

SellShed is your new localized marketplace. Check it out!

Parrot Analytics

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Parrot Analytics
What they do: Helping the television industry understand global demand for content.
Company HQ: Auckland, Los Angeles, San Francisco

About Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics ( has developed the industry’s first and only country-specific demand rating platform for TV, film and cross-platform content for existing and new releases. Parrot’s patented next-generation technology helps TV content producers, buyers, sellers and advertisers make more effective content decisions. It does this by capturing and analyzing TV content demand in real time from hundreds of millions of viewers across the world; providing unprecedented insights into global content demand and predicting future country-specific content performance across demos with a high degree of accuracy. 

Parrot Analytics was selected as one of MIPTV’s 2014 ’5 Hottest Startups’ in the TV Industry and is a thought leader in applying data science for the TV/film industry, having presented at MIPTV, the Multiplatform TV Summit, the Next TV Summit and CES’ Digital Hollywood. 

The company is headquartered in United States with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Auckland, New Zealand.

Check out this article in The Business Wire, Parrot Analytics US journey.

International Connector

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: International Connector
What they do: We create youth engagement strategies, helping organizations navigate future business, trends & ideas through a global network of Millennials.
Company HQ: San Francisco


About Toby

Toby Jordan: Global Strategy
Base: Global

About International Connector

International Connector creates solutions that include and engage Millennials. We inspire brands who seek innovation and transformation of their products to meet the needs of the next generation. 

Through International Millennial Catalysts Think Tanks, we tap into our expansive network of youth worldwide to develop effective strategies for innovation, evolution, and future-proofing that can be applied to your brand, ensuring competitive positioning in the market now and in future. Our primary services are across Workplace, Product Innovation, Marketing with expertise in Tourism, HR and Consumer Products.

Matter Machine

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Matter Machine
What they do: A product design & customization toolkit that runs in the browser. We’re out to catalyse the democratization of manufacturing.
Company HQ: Wellington, NZ


About Tom

Tom Kluyskens: CTO & Founder
Base: Wellington

About Matter Machine

MatterMachine is a cloud platform for scalable bespoke manufacturing. We leverage our background in Academy Award®-winning VFX technology to enable innovators and brands to create adaptive, intelligent and manufacturable products and services that provide infinite customization and fit within design intent. Finally sophisticated manufacturable design experiences can be made simple for consumers to manipulate and purchase, anywhere — Web, Social Media, CAD, Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Glassjar
What they do: The best way to collect money from a group of friends
Company HQ: San Francisco

george smith kiwi landing pad alumni

About George

George Smith: CEO & Co-Founder
Base: San Francisco

About Glassjar

Glassjar developed mobile payments for groups to manage shared expenses. 

We were the first New Zealand company to be accepted into Y-Combinator (W15) and before that we partook in the Lightning Lab accelerator in Wellington, New Zealand.

Glory League

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Glory League
What they do: Glory League is a sports engagement platform that lets amateur basketball players relive their moments of glory.
Company HQ: Auckland, NZ


About Louis

Louis Gordon-Latty: CEO & Founder
Base: Auckland

About Glory League

Glory League Increases participation in amateur sports by serving sticky, stat enriched highlight reels, game videos and gamified reports out to every player, as soon as their games are over. is a sports engagement video platform that makes sports more addictive by automatically serving players with their game video & highlight reels. GloryLeague’s gamified media gets players excited about engaging and sharing their peak moments. As players level up, they unlock new features and grow as the star in the centre of their evolving career. 

Im excited about working on automated video technologies in amatuer sport. Im excited about the unchartered opportunities in ‘many to many’ video, and the impact that this will have on conventional media. I like bringing a level of service to the every-player that was traditionally reserved for the elite. Finally I love sports, and as such I am greatful to be able to work in a company that draws on video gaming and social media to get people more active (rather than less active)