Ao Skincare

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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: Ao Skincare
What they do: Ao Skincare’s range of skin care blends the best of pure renewable natural botanicals from New Zealand & clinically-proven science to nourish & protect skin.


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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: Unfiltered
What they do: Unfiltered is New Zealand’s first exclusive business education platform totally dedicated to helping you grow your business – both here in NZ, and globally.

OCI Technologies

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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: OCI Technologies
What they do: Serving the aerospace and robotics industries through innovative projects


Dr Daniel Wilson is a co-director of OCI Technologies, who are serving the aerospace and robotics industries through innovative projects. He has over 7 years of experience in providing consulting services to public and private organisations on aerospace automation and robotics systems. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Mechatronic Space Engineering (Hons) and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), at The University of Sydney. His research focused on the development and demonstration of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/drone) autonomous mid-air docking system for refuelling, recharging, and airborne recovery. The airborne docking demonstrations are the first of their kind and won a number of international awards.

Totara Learning

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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: Totara Learning
What they do: Over 7 million users. Enterprise open source LMS and social learning platform used by some of the world’s leading brands. Read their success stories.

Spotlight Reporting

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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: Spotlight Reporting
What they do: Spotlight Reporting provides exceptional reporting, dashboards and forecasts for accountants, businesses and advisors. Xero Add-On of the Year 2014.
Company HQ: Auckland


Richard Francis: Founder

Base: Wellington


Samuel Thomas: Senior Account Manager, North America

Base: San Francisco

About Spotlight Reporting

Our business intelligence tools are designed to provide accountants, business owners, franchises and not for profits with a range of reporting options that save time and effort while delivering clarity for better decision-making.

Our range of tools include ReportingDashboardForecasting and Multi

Our passionate staff are all over the world, with offices in Wellington and Auckland (New Zealand), Brisbane and Sydney (Australia), Newcastle and London (UK) and Newport Beach, CA (US and Canada).

Performance Lab

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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: Performance Lab
What they do: The pioneer of adaptive health and fitness coaching technology for athletes and users of all levels. We’re working to enhance your next wearable device.
Company HQ: San Francisco & New Zealand

waynne dartnall kiwi landing pad resident

About Waynne 

Waynne Dartnall: CEO
Base: San Francisco

 About Performance Lab

Performance Lab changes lives through fitness and wellness coaching. A pioneer in the use of monitoring technology, Performance Lab built the first commercial sports lab in the world 20 years ago, and since then has collected data involving tens of thousands of athletes and users at all levels. For 15 years data was collected largely in the lab; for the last five years it has been collected exclusively in the field using wearable sensors, providing Performance Lab with a vast amount of unparalleled domain expertise. Bringing together this unique perspective with sports science, coaching and technology to understand and formulate the correlations between data, activity types, and performance results, Performance Lab created the ARDA Coaching Engine.

Performance Lab has been using and refining its ARDA coaching methodology as the foundation of its corporate health and wellness services, with tremendous success. Of the hundreds of casual sportspeople and sedentary individuals we have trained for a half marathon, 90% of the participants reached the start line – and every one of them finished. These rates are triple the industry average.

The ARDA Coaching Engine was conceived by Performance Lab co-founder Jon Ackland, an internationally regarded exercise physiologist and sports performance consultant whose clients include world champions and world record holders across a number of disciplines. Including: Terrenzo Bozzone, triathlon; All Blacks, rugby; Team New Zealand, America’s Cup; and the New Zealand national triathlon, rowing and cycling squads.

90 Seconds

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Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: 90 Seconds
What they do: Cloud Video Production Service. Get video shot & produced anywhere in the world by pros! Simple, Fast, Affordable, Great Quality & Fully managed Online.
Company HQ: Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, London

About Tim 

Tim Norton: CEO & Founder
Base: Global

About Jake

Jake Davy: Head of Customer Experience
Hometown: Auckland
Current Base: San Francisco

 About 90 Seconds

90 Seconds is the world’s leading cloud video production platform, allowing brands to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review video anywhere in the world, online and on mobile. Launched in 2010, 90 Seconds has worked with more than 1000 brands including Barclays, PayPal, Visa and Sony o produce high quality, fast, easy and affordable video content. To date over 10,000 videos have been produced in 70 countries. In some major cities, clients can start projects with advance notice of just 30 minutes. The company has a global team of 70 working on product, growth and customer success based in Singapore, London, Tokyo, Manila, Sydney and Auckland. They are opening new offices in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Berlin in 2016.

Follow our journey and go inside the epic global journey of one company. One group of people. Going from zero to $100 Million. They’re at 10 million today. What’s next?

Follow our journey


Quick Facts

KLP Resident: Debitsuccess
What they do: Global provider of full service recurring payment solutions
Company HQ: Auckland, NZ


Quick Facts
KLP Resident: CloudCannon
What they do: Static website CMS for web designers and their clients
Company HQ: San Francisco, USA

About Mike
Mike Neumegen: CEO and Co-Founder
Hometown: Dunedin




Mike Neumegen – CloudCannon CEO & CO-Founder


Tells us briefly what CloudCannon does:

CloudCannon offers a streamlined solution to building websites for those who have limited coding skills, yet it also gives users the freedom to get as technical as they want in a simple fashion. You can code everything yourself, or you can opt for a template before editing things right there on the page in front of you.

How long have you been running and what do your customers like about you?

CloudCannon has been running for just over a year now. We got ‘Crunched’ back in August of last year when we were still a bedroom project, and have just been ‘Crunched’ again almost 12 months later, this time feeling like a legitimate business! Our customers are freelance web designers and developers and they love that we make it easier for them to produce websites that their clients can edit.

You arrived at the Kiwi Landing Pad earlier this year (2014). How has the Kiwi Landing Pad helped in CloudCannon’s transition to the United States?

If you aren’t ready for it San Francisco can swallow you whole. It’s a cosmopolitan cocktail of opportunity, poverty, power, personal freedoms and federal regulation, all to greater extremes than we’ve ever experienced at home.

It’s amazing. It’s draining.

The Kiwi Landing Pad is a place where I feel removed from all of that.

Like a good sleep, don’t underestimate the mental clarity that comes from having hundreds of tiny problems or questions (“Where do I find internet/printing/air conditioning/healthy food/cheap food/things to do/public transport?) squared away and assisted by someone else.

To us the Kiwi Landing Pad is a place where we can feel at home in a foreign country. There’s a real sense of community in the Landing Pad that comes from a shared experience. I love having a place where it feels safe to talk silly with other people who share our sense of humour, get a healthy dose of down to earth Kiwi common sense, celebrate our day to day successes or lick our wounds.

Tell us a bit about how you typically spend your time in San Francisco.

CloudCannon is in San Francisco to learn and partner. All our good progress in those areas seems to come out of meeting people. So our time is spent trying to get meetings, prepping for those meetings and then doing the real work afterwards.

Based on your experience in San Francisco, do you have any insights or advice for companies back in New Zealand?

The biggest insight I have from being in San Francisco is that we put foreign companies and foreign entrepreneurs on too much of a pedestal. Sure there are some of the big, cool companies and some huge personalities in San Francisco but the reality is that the rest of the people who are doing well are just as obscure and insecure as you and me.

Everybody worries if what they are doing is the right thing here. That uncertainty is just disguised a lot better by American bravado and the fact that investors invest more easily. My personal take is that that’s a false sense of security though.

Where do you think you’re biggest markets are going to be aside from the US?

The US is certainly a big market for us but it only represents a sixth of our total customers worldwide and a third of our paying ones. We’ve just been on a trip to Europe where a larger portion of our customers live which was really eye opening. It’s reinforced that we want, and can, serve a global market.

What can we look forward to from CloudCannon in 2015?

We are currently working on partnerships with hosting companies and designer communities that will see us positioned as one of the must use tools for the static web in 2015. We are very excited about some upcoming feature releases and partner integrations that will massively increase the usefulness of CloudCannon to freelance designers and developers.

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Resolve Digital

Quick Facts:

KLP Resident: Resolve Digital
What they do: Web and Mobile application consultancy.
Company HQ:  San Francisco & Christchurch,
Founded: 2002

About David Jones: Partner & Technical Director
Top three apps: Uber, Yelp, ZipCar
Coffee fix near the KLP office: Sight Glass
Favorite SF Nabe: North Beach

What does Resolve Digital do? What is the main offering?

We are a web and mobile application consultancy, mainly focused on Ruby on Rails and iOS development. We concentrate on applications that solve business problems, reduce complexity, and save time for our clients.

As a Certified Spree Commerce Partner, we help our clients migrate their existing ecommerce sites to Spree’s open source platform, build custom stores, and apply machine learning to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

In addition, we’re known as the creators of Refinery CMS. It’s the most popular Ruby on Rails content management system and has been downloaded over 350,000 times.

What is your role here in San Francisco?

I am a Partner and Technical Director of Resolve Digital. The main reason we have based ourselves in San Francisco is because of the concentration of business opportunities. It is really important to have someone local for sales calls, especially when they’re on the technical side. Living in San Francisco is like living in the future. We’re constantly immersed in new ideas and passionate people and this, in turn, inspires us to push our clients to the next level.

What does your team look like?

We have offices in San Francisco, Christchurch, Florida, and British Columbia. We have 9 engineers and one business developer scattered across these locations. We have a flat structure as we only hire senior, experienced staff who do not require a lot of management.

What types of businesses are using your service currently?

There are three significant types of customers that we work with.

Team augmentation

Often large development teams seek expertise in certain areas or need help working on a backlog of tasks. One or more Resolve Digital team members will work with the client to achieve a defined goal. For example we worked with Google as part of a 30-person development team for Wildfire.

Building products

These clients include startups, non-profits, small businesses. We build products from scratch, whether they be mobile or web applications.

Spree Commerce implementations

Our Spree clients fall into two groups: those who’ve decided to make the move to Spree from another platform, and those who want to optimize their Spree sites to improve conversion rates, sales, and profits.

Did you consider other options for residency?

For about two and a half years we had our own office in SoMa but choose to move to KLP as we value the networking and the community. “I thought, why am I sitting here when I could be surrounded by likeminded Kiwis?”

What advice or insights have you gained from being here in SF that could be useful to tech companies and entrepreneurs in NZ?

Do your research and establish connections in advance. A lot of people arrive thinking that by just being here, magic will happen. In reality you need to establish connections before you come over, and relationships can definitely be established remotely.

This was actually how I got the job with Resolve Digital 10 years ago. I reached out to a number of development companies before I left New Zealand and a few of them got back to me, one being Resolve.

What’s next for Resolve?

We are getting involved with larger, more complex, long-term projects where we can deliver a lot of value. 


Quick Facts:
KLP Resident: Booktrack
Founded: 2011
What they do: Booktrack synchronizes soundtracks to eBooks to match the storyline as you read.
Company HQ: San Francisco & Auckland

About Paul
Paul Cameron:
 CEO and Co-founder
Favorite apps: Booktrack Reader, Booktrack Classroom, Booktrack Chrome
Coffee fix near the KLP office: Peet’s Coffee



Tell us briefly what Booktrack does?

We operate within two verticals, publishing and education. With publishing, Booktrack technology adds a unique soundtrack that is paced to an individual’s reading speed and synchronized to match the storyline. Readers get instant free access to thousands of stories, from famous classics to contemporary titles, while authors easily create their own Booktrack titles by matching their stories to an extensive library of over 20,000 free-to-use high quality music and ambient audio tracks.

The education platform is called Booktrack Classroom, which gives students free access to hundreds of soundtracked eBooks suitable for curriculum text or to create their own Booktrack titles. Many parents are concerned about the dominance video games, televisions and apps are having over reading, so Booktrack Classroom is all about getting children engaged with reading and writing.

What is the technology behind the product, how is the music added to the eBooks?

Booktrack Studio is a tool that allows individuals or authors the ability to create their own Booktrack using their own music, or they can choose from our library of over 20,000 free audio files and then publish their Booktrack title to our website and apps, through this we already have around 3,500 titles available.

Once soundtracks have been added, our technology measures each persons reading speed based on their page turnings and synchronizes the soundtrack.

How does Booktrack generate profit?      

The creator of the Booktrack can either allow access to their title for free, or they can set a price, Booktrack takes 30% of the cut from each sale.

Has Booktrack had any negative feedback from people claiming you are taking away from the traditional reading experience?

While is it different from the traditional reading experience, we are bringing a new, more engaging way of reading. There are many forms of entertainment that have evolved to become multidimensional.  The way we read has not changed meaningfully in a long time – distribution of books has changed enormously through the printing press and now eBooks, but the way we read is the same now as it was 2,000 years ago. This has resulted in children and adults choosing other forms of modern entertainment over books. By adding soundtracks to stories, the entertainment level is increased, bringing in more readers and at the same time increasing comprehension levels. A recent study from the University of Auckland proved that when using Booktrack students’ reading time was increased by 30% and comprehension by up to 17%. Booktrack is still the only enhancement to reading delivered while you read, every other enhancement like videos and games embedded in eBooks stop you reading.

Did Booktrack build the product and market in New Zealand?      

From the very beginning we marketed Booktrack offshore. We based our first US office in New York to be amongst the publishing industry, after building those relationships we quickly realized that we needed to be in the Valley area to work on the technology component of Booktrack, so we relocated to San Francisco.

Did you look at any other options for residency?  

Yes, but we chose KLP because we admired the concept and wanted to support it, we also wanted to be a part of helping other businesses and learn from other companies too.

What advice do you have for Kiwi entrepreneurs hoping to emerge into the US?                  

Get here as fast as possible!

What’s next for Booktrack?

We are now heavily focusing on marketing and also increasing our monetization options around our products.


Quick Facts
KLP Resident: Vend
What they do: Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud.
Company HQ: Auckland, New Zealand

About Vaughn
Vaughan Rowsell: CEO and Founder
Coffee fix near the KLP office: Elite Audio
Favourite SF Nabe: The Mission


Vaughan Rowsell – Vend CEO and Founder

About Vend: Revolutionizing retail.

About the company that makes the point of sale software retailers love to use.

In essence Vend is a retail platform with all the things that bricks and mortar retailers need to run a modern business. When Vend started out, point of sale was one of those categories that hadn’t really been disrupted yet. Vaughan saw an opportunity to rebuild point of sale onto a cloud-based platform which gives a lot of advantages to small businesses. Vend gives them the equivalent of the super powerful tools and tech that the big guys have been using for years.

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