Resident Spotlight: David Jones | Going the Distance with Resolve Digital


Having a tendency to put people on the spot on occasion, I asked David from Resolve Digital what this year has been about for him. Curious if it was a momentous year or more business as usual. After a pause, he simply said “it has been focused.”

Good answer, I thought.

“I’m really proud that we’ve been running Resolve for 14 years now. Sometimes in Silicon Valley you can feel out of place if you’re not building a fast growth startup to flip. But there’s something to be said for running a company for a long time, to see it evolve.”

He mentioned a podcast that he listens to called ‘The Distance’, which is about longevity in business. At 30 years old, we think he’s doing pretty well!

We’ve heard through the New Zealand community how great the Christchurch hub of Resolve is. David tries to get back there a couple times a year. There’s a great team spirit, which is difficult to achieve when their team is distributed from Florida to Canada to New Zealand.

But being in San Francisco has been great for Resolve. “We’ve acquired several top notch eCommerce clients including 3D Robotics, one of the most advanced drone companies in the world, and Gryphon Strings, a purveyor of high end vintage musical instruments based in Palo Alto.”

David’s passionate about machine learning and its potential to increase revenue for his eCommerce clients. So much so that his team just launched (last week) ZEN.AI which is a machine learning/AI based app you can add to your Shopify store to provide intelligent features such as personalised product recommendations.

He’s looking forward to the remainder of the year and 2017, where he gets to push this work forward and further build expertise and awesome solutions for his clients and future clients problems.

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