90 Seconds


Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Resident: 90 Seconds
What they do: Cloud Video Production Service. Get video shot & produced anywhere in the world by pros! Simple, Fast, Affordable, Great Quality & Fully managed Online.
Company HQ: Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, London
Website: http://90seconds.tv/

About Tim 

Tim Norton: CEO & Founder
Base: Global

About Jake

Jake Davy: Head of Customer Experience
Hometown: Auckland
Current Base: San Francisco

 About 90 Seconds

90 Seconds is the world’s leading cloud video production platform, allowing brands to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review video anywhere in the world, online and on mobile. Launched in 2010, 90 Seconds has worked with more than 1000 brands including Barclays, PayPal, Visa and Sony o produce high quality, fast, easy and affordable video content. To date over 10,000 videos have been produced in 70 countries. In some major cities, clients can start projects with advance notice of just 30 minutes. The company has a global team of 70 working on product, growth and customer success based in Singapore, London, Tokyo, Manila, Sydney and Auckland. They are opening new offices in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Berlin in 2016.





Follow our journey and go inside the epic global journey of one company. One group of people. Going from zero to $100 Million. They’re at 10 million today. What’s next?

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