KLP Resident: Cin7
Founded: 2011
What you do: Cin7 develops and delivers cloud based software for managing inventory, point of sale, warehouse facilities and light manufacturing.

Nick Buttar: Channel and Business Development Manager
Favorite apps:  Uber, Google Maps, NZ Herald, Tech Crunch, Circa
Coffee fix near the KLP office: Elite Audio
Favourite SF Nabe: Sea Cliff (best place in the City to get out of the City and enjoy the amazing views of the Pacific ocean)


What is Cin7? What services do you offer your customers?
Cin7’s system gives a business owner or manager the ability to know, at any time, exactly where every product is and its status, whether it’s in a store, warehouse or still at the factory.  This enables a company to analyse, predict and make decisions so as to maximize return.  The accuracy of the information provided by Cin7 enables business managers to be better inventory managers, leading to better profit margins.

Cin7 is focused on specific vertical markets such as fashion and apparel, food and beverage, furniture and homeware, technology and electronics, and carpet and tile flooring.  The product also has the capability to operate seamlessly across different levels or business operations and industries.

Professionally, how did you prepare to come over to San Francisco?
I have been working remotely with our US based partners and customers for over 18months, so for me it was a fairly easy transition. We prepared by learning as much as possible about the differences in the business culture and making our primary connections with the market from our HQ in Auckland.

Who are your customers? What types of businesses are using your service?
Our customers are mostly mid-tier companies, or those in the upper end of the SME market with ten or more employees, and managing multiple products and complex pathways from production to sales.  They all require a flexible system, that’s easy to use, well-supported, solves specific needs and is cost-effective.  They also understand that good inventory management leads to better profit margins.

We are focused on a range of verticals with customers including multi-chain retail, multi-channel e-commerce and fulfillment, import/export distribution, light manufacturing and forecasting and recording, with some operating more than one legal entity.

Being focused on industry verticals has allowed us to create specific industry solutions.  This means partners and customers can become familiar with terminology and concepts.  It also allows us to develop predictable and repeatable solutions that can then be tailored to meet specific needs.

A wide range of different types of companies are using Cin7’s system but in each case the software has been configured so as to manage the specific inventory needs of the business.

Do you have any close competitors, what is your advantage?
There are numerous companies offering inventory management systems but none of them have the combined advantages of being highly configurable, able to be integrated, cloud based, fully mobile and at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.  This is especially important for our main customer group, the growing mid-tier business with increasing complexities in its inventory management that needs a system to support ongoing growth.

Did you look at other options for residency? Why did you choose KLP?
Yes, we had a virtual office with Servcorp before we made the move into KLP so we considered using their office services. When we compared the two the decision was a no brainer. The on hand advice, great location and facilities made it a clear choice for us.

What does Cin7 hope to achieve while being based at the Kiwi Landing Pad?
To us KLP is exactly what it says it is – a US home to help us get started and launch our product and service in to the North American market.  Our goals are simple: grow awareness, grow the business we already have in the US and make a difference for mid-tier companies wanting a flexible, cost effective and focused inventory management system that will help them grow.