Quick Facts
KLP Resident: CloudCannon
What they do: Static website CMS for web designers and their clients
Company HQ: San Francisco, USA

About Mike
Mike Neumegen: CEO and Co-Founder
Hometown: Dunedin




Mike Neumegen – CloudCannon CEO & CO-Founder


Tells us briefly what CloudCannon does:

CloudCannon offers a streamlined solution to building websites for those who have limited coding skills, yet it also gives users the freedom to get as technical as they want in a simple fashion. You can code everything yourself, or you can opt for a template before editing things right there on the page in front of you.

How long have you been running and what do your customers like about you?

CloudCannon has been running for just over a year now. We got ‘Crunched’ back in August of last year when we were still a bedroom project, and have just been ‘Crunched’ again almost 12 months later, this time feeling like a legitimate business! Our customers are freelance web designers and developers and they love that we make it easier for them to produce websites that their clients can edit.

You arrived at the Kiwi Landing Pad earlier this year (2014). How has the Kiwi Landing Pad helped in CloudCannon’s transition to the United States?

If you aren’t ready for it San Francisco can swallow you whole. It’s a cosmopolitan cocktail of opportunity, poverty, power, personal freedoms and federal regulation, all to greater extremes than we’ve ever experienced at home.

It’s amazing. It’s draining.

The Kiwi Landing Pad is a place where I feel removed from all of that.

Like a good sleep, don’t underestimate the mental clarity that comes from having hundreds of tiny problems or questions (“Where do I find internet/printing/air conditioning/healthy food/cheap food/things to do/public transport?) squared away and assisted by someone else.

To us the Kiwi Landing Pad is a place where we can feel at home in a foreign country. There’s a real sense of community in the Landing Pad that comes from a shared experience. I love having a place where it feels safe to talk silly with other people who share our sense of humour, get a healthy dose of down to earth Kiwi common sense, celebrate our day to day successes or lick our wounds.

Tell us a bit about how you typically spend your time in San Francisco.

CloudCannon is in San Francisco to learn and partner. All our good progress in those areas seems to come out of meeting people. So our time is spent trying to get meetings, prepping for those meetings and then doing the real work afterwards.

Based on your experience in San Francisco, do you have any insights or advice for companies back in New Zealand?

The biggest insight I have from being in San Francisco is that we put foreign companies and foreign entrepreneurs on too much of a pedestal. Sure there are some of the big, cool companies and some huge personalities in San Francisco but the reality is that the rest of the people who are doing well are just as obscure and insecure as you and me.

Everybody worries if what they are doing is the right thing here. That uncertainty is just disguised a lot better by American bravado and the fact that investors invest more easily. My personal take is that that’s a false sense of security though.

Where do you think you’re biggest markets are going to be aside from the US?

The US is certainly a big market for us but it only represents a sixth of our total customers worldwide and a third of our paying ones. We’ve just been on a trip to Europe where a larger portion of our customers live which was really eye opening. It’s reinforced that we want, and can, serve a global market.

What can we look forward to from CloudCannon in 2015?

We are currently working on partnerships with hosting companies and designer communities that will see us positioned as one of the must use tools for the static web in 2015. We are very excited about some upcoming feature releases and partner integrations that will massively increase the usefulness of CloudCannon to freelance designers and developers.

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