feed.fm kiwi landing pad alumni

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Feed.FM
What they do: Add music to your mobile app and watch session times and revenue increase.
Company HQ: San Francisco
Website: http://feed.fm/

jeff yasuda kiwi landing pad alumni

About Jeff

Jeff Yasuda: CEO & Co-Founder
Base: San Francisco

About Feed.FM

Feed.fm (Music as a Service) provides a legal turn-key API to add popular music (AC/DC to Zeppelin) to websites, apps, and games in order to drive engagement, retention, and revenues.

Customers, which include Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Game Salad, and Starr Hill Brewery to name a few, have seen average increases of session times and retention of 400% and 80%, respectively. 

Feed.fm was founded by the team that created Blip.fm, and includes Chairman Mika Salmi, former President of Viacom/MTV. The company’s investors include KEC, Allegro Ventures, Core Ventures, Crunchfund, Streamlined Ventures, Kailua Ventures, the Operators Fund and entrepreneurs from gaming, media, and technology backgrounds.

Here are a few examples of live implementations to get a flavor of what we do…

Michelob Ultra http://liveultra.tumblr.com/tagged/musicforyourlegs
Starr Hill Brewery http://www.starrhill.com/
Bud Light http://feed.fm/go/bud-edm100/
Foreign Cinema http://www.foreigncinema.com/
Kenneth Cole via F# AdPlayer http://www.adplayer.fm/adplayer530676d1e0317
Fuzz Radio App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fuzz-radio/id577300833?ls=1&mt=8