Glory League

Glory League Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni

Quick Facts

Kiwi Landing Pad Alumni: Glory League
What they do: Glory League is a sports engagement platform that lets amateur basketball players relive their moments of glory.
Company HQ: Auckland, NZ


About Louis

Louis Gordon-Latty: CEO & Founder
Base: Auckland

About Glory League

Glory League Increases participation in amateur sports by serving sticky, stat enriched highlight reels, game videos and gamified reports out to every player, as soon as their games are over. is a sports engagement video platform that makes sports more addictive by automatically serving players with their game video & highlight reels. GloryLeague’s gamified media gets players excited about engaging and sharing their peak moments. As players level up, they unlock new features and grow as the star in the centre of their evolving career. 

Im excited about working on automated video technologies in amatuer sport. Im excited about the unchartered opportunities in ‘many to many’ video, and the impact that this will have on conventional media. I like bringing a level of service to the every-player that was traditionally reserved for the elite. Finally I love sports, and as such I am greatful to be able to work in a company that draws on video gaming and social media to get people more active (rather than less active)