Resolve Digital


Quick Facts:

KLP Resident: Resolve Digital
What they do: Web and Mobile application consultancy.
Company HQ:  San Francisco & Christchurch,
Founded: 2002

About David Jones: Partner & Technical Director
Top three apps: Uber, Yelp, ZipCar
Coffee fix near the KLP office: Sight Glass
Favorite SF Nabe: North Beach

What does Resolve Digital do? What is the main offering?

We are a web and mobile application consultancy, mainly focused on Ruby on Rails and iOS development. We concentrate on applications that solve business problems, reduce complexity, and save time for our clients.

As a Certified Spree Commerce Partner, we help our clients migrate their existing ecommerce sites to Spree’s open source platform, build custom stores, and apply machine learning to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

In addition, we’re known as the creators of Refinery CMS. It’s the most popular Ruby on Rails content management system and has been downloaded over 350,000 times.

What is your role here in San Francisco?

I am a Partner and Technical Director of Resolve Digital. The main reason we have based ourselves in San Francisco is because of the concentration of business opportunities. It is really important to have someone local for sales calls, especially when they’re on the technical side. Living in San Francisco is like living in the future. We’re constantly immersed in new ideas and passionate people and this, in turn, inspires us to push our clients to the next level.

What does your team look like?

We have offices in San Francisco, Christchurch, Florida, and British Columbia. We have 9 engineers and one business developer scattered across these locations. We have a flat structure as we only hire senior, experienced staff who do not require a lot of management.

What types of businesses are using your service currently?

There are three significant types of customers that we work with.

Team augmentation

Often large development teams seek expertise in certain areas or need help working on a backlog of tasks. One or more Resolve Digital team members will work with the client to achieve a defined goal. For example we worked with Google as part of a 30-person development team for Wildfire.

Building products

These clients include startups, non-profits, small businesses. We build products from scratch, whether they be mobile or web applications.

Spree Commerce implementations

Our Spree clients fall into two groups: those who’ve decided to make the move to Spree from another platform, and those who want to optimize their Spree sites to improve conversion rates, sales, and profits.

Did you consider other options for residency?

For about two and a half years we had our own office in SoMa but choose to move to KLP as we value the networking and the community. “I thought, why am I sitting here when I could be surrounded by likeminded Kiwis?”

What advice or insights have you gained from being here in SF that could be useful to tech companies and entrepreneurs in NZ?

Do your research and establish connections in advance. A lot of people arrive thinking that by just being here, magic will happen. In reality you need to establish connections before you come over, and relationships can definitely be established remotely.

This was actually how I got the job with Resolve Digital 10 years ago. I reached out to a number of development companies before I left New Zealand and a few of them got back to me, one being Resolve.

What’s next for Resolve?

We are getting involved with larger, more complex, long-term projects where we can deliver a lot of value.