Tech day out: OpenDNS Games Night


One of the key benefits of being located in SOMA, the tech hub of San Francisco, is the access to incredible businesses and their collaborative events. Recently, OpenDNS hosted Kiwi Landing Pad residents and alumni for a Board Game Night – combining the convenience of networking with some friendly competition.


The opportunity to visit other companies in the city is extremely valuable. Seeing their office spaces, meeting entrepreneurs, discussing ideas and learning about how other people do business. Our host, OpenDNS, occupy a huge, industrial-style space with massive windows, concrete floors, bright working pods and a beautiful kitchen and cafeteria. At the games night, the cafeteria was full of competitive gamers from various teams within OpenDNS and also some stragglers from companies and startups in San Francisco.


When networking events are plentiful, it’s refreshing when someone offers something a little different. Board games, baked goods and one of the city’s favorite food trucks made for an entertaining and valuable evening, it’s not often us Kiwi’s get to experience such things as we seldom have the resources.


OpenDNS, are a company whose focus is cloud-delivered network security. They provide protection against issues like phishing and malware, and can cover everything from desktop and mobile to networks and servers. Founded in 2006, they now have over 50 million daily active users. We met David Ulevitch, the founder and CEO, at a recent conference for SaaS (Software as a service). David is a smart, young and talented individual. He started playing with networks, computers and technology as a young man and has now built two global, well-established businesses out of it. He has a love for helping startups and entrepreneurs succeed in the ecosystem so naturally we connected on this, outside of connect 4 and the like.

The opportunity to meet with folks from OpenDNS and various other innovative companies is a benefit of being a part of the Kiwi Landing Pad community. A huge thanks to OpenDNS for hosting such a fun and valuable evening, and we look forward to more events in the future.

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