What a year – 2016 in review


We, like most of you, can’t believe that it’s December already and we are winding down for the holiday season with the rest of the Kiwis. Whilst our usual cadence of events, meetings and general support for Kiwi founders and entrepreneurs has continued, we thought we’d take some time to reflect on some of our milestones for the year.

Our most successful program, the KLP Sales & Marketing Jam, saw it’s legs for a third time. We have had 900 people through this program and are seeing a visible difference in the conversation this community is continuing to have on and offline. Aside from the main centres we have connected other regions (Tauranga & Queenstown) to the rest of the country. We’ve seen 10 experts from the US come down for this program from San Francisco & Atlanta. Our biggest win was Melodics going through 500 Startups Batch 18 (in San Francisco) most recently from meeting one of our speakers at the Auckland Jam in April. http://www.salesandmarketingjam.com/

Kiwi Landing Pad Community is online

For the last 6 years we have had an offline community, this year we decided to get smart and put the community we’ve grown immensely in the last 2 years online. We found a tool that suits our needs and invested. Next year this community is our core focus, now with a set agenda, content and events strategy we are ready to go come 2017. We now have 3,500 people online that are qualified by our base member standards – at least (it’s not just an email database).

BNZ Shouldertap Pilot 

In February we shoulder-tapped 4 high growth startups that were BNZ customers and included them in a program that combined cash support with our KLP community, advisory board, media connections and key conferences. The program was a success. These companies are doing well, we have seen then all back in San Francisco and New Zealand many times this year and are really excited about how we can continue supporting them and also their continued growth!

Air New Zealand Inspiring Voices 

Working with our partner Air New Zealand to launch their Inspiring Voices program which is all about celebrating business success and having thought leaders from a range of backgrounds share there experiences and what world class means to them to deliver learnings and inspiration to the NZ community. We have contributed speakers and shared connections. It is awesome and part of the Air New Zealand ‘Go Beyond’ strategy to supercharge New Zealand.

We moved 

We successfully moved office in San Francisco so that we could respond further to our community needs and also the trends we have been seeing after 6 years of running the Kiwi Landing Pad. We have partnered with Covo, a new coworking space in SoMa, so that they can do what they do best and we can focus on helping New Zealand companies with Learning, Launching and Landing. We have extended our network of contacts and connections a lot in the last two years and want to keep growing this out in both the USA but also in Australia where traditionally Kiwis have found it hard to expand to.

We had visitors

Whilst the physical numbers of kiwi companies landing in market each year hasn’t really changed that much over the years, the volume of visitors continues to increase. We’ve seen at least 30 visitors per month as well as many more groups coming through ranging from schools, universities, government, treasury, investors and many top corporates with their boards, execs and direct reports.

Our Geographic Reach

We’ve been actively trying to grow our community and also our connectivity. Just by being around and doing what we do we are now connected to many of the top startup hubs around the world and have community members in 31 locations.

Launched our successful webinar series 

Realising that we have a lot of access to experts with knowledge and that most of our community is time poor we decided to bring learnings and access straight to peoples computer and launched a webinar series that covers 5 main topics: Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Entrepreneurship & Inspiration. It was a highlight last week having 120 people tune into a marketing automation webinar with Xero’s global marketing automation manager, and also to see many top Kiwi Founders jump on the bang wagon and enjoy sharing their journeys and tactics for tackling the US market and growing global businesses. We’ve had over 550 attendees so far and started in May timed with the launch of tech week.


A lot of what we do at the Landing Pad is figuring out who needs to meet and why and then how we can get them to that person, or what do they need to know and how do we get them that knowledge. It really does boil down to Networks, Information and Access. Myself personally i’ve made 351 introductions this year, and John has made 293 so far.


Last year, we made the decision to focus on a select amount of events that would have direct value for our community and have rolled them out. Major events were our Sales & Marketing Jams. Regular events are Flat White Meetup, Webinars, & Wine & Wins. We’ve held 46 events in San Francisco, New Zealand, Austin & Online this year. Personally, I’ve also hosted many dinners with visiting kiwi founders which featured home cooked meals and the meeting of like minds and integration in the US & Australian communities.

Welcomed some great companies & founders to San Francisco

During the year we have watched some exciting companies get funded/launch into the US market – 90 Seconds, Unfiltered, Spotlight Reporting, Page Proof, ThisData, Populate, Totara Learning, Promapp, Dropit, All birds, Results.com, Melodics etc.


We’ve changed, Introducing our new strategy KLP 3.0.

Community/Resource things to check out:

  • JOIN: the Kiwi Landing Pad community here.
  • Resource: Guide for New Zealander’s frequenting SF – Coffee & Language so far. A bunch of SF locals got together to curate this website as a local guide for kiwis. Slowly being populated.
  • Zen.aiNew Product - Our community member Dave just launched a new machine learning & AI product.
  • VIDEOMarketing Automation Webinar: Tim Lamb - Xero’s Global Marketing Automation Manager
  • VIDEO: Entire page of videos dedicated to learning about sales, marketing, product management and kiwi founders.
  • BLOG: PageProofs recent recap of lessons for the US


It’s been a big year for us at the Landing Pad, and right now we are in the throws of putting together an epic 2017 which we’ll start telling you about in January – watch this space.


We’ll be physically ‘out of the office’ in San Francisco from December 16th - January 16th, but on email during that time. If you want to visit the Landing Pad while you are in San Francisco during this time, email us in advance as we have moved so we can set you up with access.

If you happen to be in town over Christmas, do get in touch we have a great crew indulging in good company and mulled wine.

Well done on the year, and thanks for your continued support and camaraderie.

Happy Holidays, see you in 2017.


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