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Kiwi Landing Pad has been running for almost a decade making the journey of building a global business from New Zealand easier. One of the ways we tackled this was by making use of technology, building a global and virtual community so that founders, entrepreneurs and talent can get access to what they need anywhere and anytime.

This is one of the reasons we started the Sales and Marketing Jams in an attempt to bring best practise in the areas of scaling sales, marketing and product management teams and methodology back to New Zealand.

Whats more, we launched our webinar program so that we could help our community keep learning throughout the year in topics that we know they need to grow different areas of their business.

What we noticed over the last three years we’ve been running these programs, our most engaged community members come from various regions across New Zealand outside of the major city centres. Its a privilege (to us) to bring people together online every week, providing access where traditionally there hasn’t been, and whats turned into an engaged community most Thursdays at 10am.

With the next round of Sales and Marketing Jams coming to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch we thought we’d help with the proximity piece and get two lucky community members the chance to attend a jam for free, and thanks to our foundation jam sponsor Air New Zealand, for covering your airfares too.

Our program and KLP is expanding to the regions, something we are working on, which will be ready in 2019, in the meantime, we thought we’d bring you to us.

The Offer: 

We are delighted to be able to offer two FREE places at our upcoming Jams for those of you not located in the Wellington, Christchurch or Auckland area (75km radius) INCLUDING A FREE AIRFARE to the closest Jam location.

Go into the draw here by entering your details.

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