What’s in store for 2017 – A message from the Chairman

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We’re excited about the year ahead and the opportunities to continue growing the Kiwi Landing Pad Community across the globe and contributing meaningfully to supercharging New Zealand’s social and economic growth (credit to our partner Air New Zealand for this description).

For me personally there are some key themes for the year:


This continues to be a fascination and core interest for me from all perspectives as an entrepreneur. When you examine the journey of a large proportion of successful companies they inherently rely on creating and sustaining engagement an active “tribe” of followers, users, and customers.

Technology has community building on a massive scale offering great opportunities for entrepreneurs with valid solutions to wide spread problems. However for established companies it can present  massive challenges to their existing business models where solutions and customer satisfaction has not been well maintained.

The business communities I’m most involved in this year are the Kiwi Landing Pad and Homes.co.nz providing great opportunities to share learnings from two very different segments as they grow.


“Making the boat go faster” is a widely used phrase to rally teams of all types to focus on the activity that most impacts the vision of business and sport.

Having a core “mission” and key things that must be made true to achieve that can be supercharged through collaboration.

Within the Kiwi Landing Pad community there is a rich and diverse range of experience and knowledge that can be released to many through curation of the collaborative process.

Curating and encouraging a collaborative culture is a key part of our mission within the Kiwi Landing Pad and is key to optimising value and acceleration of new and existing business ventures.

Capability and Learning

My children are growing up fast and I struggle to put into perspective the most important things they need to acquire knowledge and understanding around in order to fuel their life dreams and aspirations.

Building companies requires founders and leaders to ensure the right capability is within the team also and continues to evolve in line with requirements for growth.

Some of these capabilities are constant – Sales, Marketing, Product Management,  but others change, expand and contract around the needs of customers in new ways not familiar even to seasoned executives and entrepreneurs.

Providing events and forums for these timeless discussions and learning is a key element of Kiwi Landing Pad’s objectives, ideally increasingly driven by community members as we help them navigate to the content and like-minded.

2016 has been a year of much change and arguably disruption across the globe. While not all positive by any means such intense disruption provides many opportunities as consumers and businesses alike are rapidly forced to look at the way they do things and often look for new solutions.

In terms of trends I think the obvious ones remain:

  • Mobile everything continues to expand as an opportunity and core requirement for any consumer business.
  • Software and Hardware revolution around the Internet of Things and increasing automation, efficiency and more efficiency.
  • Investors looking for business models and opportunities that move quickly to sustainability without masses of capital invested.

You can expect to see us build on these elements in 2017 but also hold an open mind to feedback and areas of interest outside of this. We’ve made a bunch of changes to the Kiwi Landing Pad to better support the change we have seen in the ecosystem and look forward to executing our plans to continuing build our community, actively encourage collaboration and support capability building and learning.

John Holt
Founder & Chairman
Kiwi Landing Pad

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